Super Trivia Wars! App Recensioni

Hate it

It is hard cause they throw goop and won't let you do anything. U can only play some thing once

Triva game

It's a very great game it's so much fun


I loved the free demo, I purchased the update to unlock the rest of the game. Purchased went thru on my credit card and now the game doesn't load. Tried to report the problem they apple where it says that the purchase went thru but get an error that it can't connect to apple every time. Very disappointed now. I can't seem to get the game to load, any help fixing the problem, or my money back with the demo that worked.


First three are free then they say GIVE ME MONEY trust me it is not worth it

Gorgeous game!

Never seen anything like it. Graphics are crazy good. Questions are fun and challenging!

What a fun and refreshing free lil' app

I've seen all there is to see regarding trivia, but this is a new twist on a classic mechanic. Liked the questions, loved the characters. Very well done.

Sweet! Action packed trivia!

Can't put this game down. These villains ain't got ish on me. Now if jeopardy was this fun I would actually apply

Best trivia game

There must be a fafillion trivia games out there, but this one stands out for the story, art, and how much fun it is. It's not easy either, so you'll find a challenge and learn a few things in the process. Definitely check it out!

Fun and creative

Highly creative and engaging trivia game. Awesome graphics and sound and funny chats from the characters. Well done!!!

wow! unexpectedly fun game!

I went in with no/low expectations on this one, having not heard of the devs. But I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the production values on this. It has voice overs! Cool drawings too, I like the villains. Story is pretty weird, but in a good way. Still playing it now and I'm an hour or so in, but loving it so far!

A fun and clever twist on trivia

What a great idea. Trivia with a mixture of humor and intensity. The artwork and voice talent are both fantastic. This is a really fun game.


I love this game :)

I Love It!!!!

The most creative trivia game ever! Great animation and challenging questions. Very addictive. You'll love it too!

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